Digital Banking

With Online Banking You Can:

  • Keep an eye on account balances
  • See what checks or pre-authorized debits have cleared
  • Set up mobile banking or text banking
  • Transfer money from one account to another
  • Transfer funds to/from your account at another bank
  • Make a loan payment (simply transfer from checking or savings to your loan account)
  • Organize your personal finances with Money Manager
  • Download a copy of your account statement
  • Read and respond to important secure messages from the Bank
  • Set up and receive email or text message alerts regarding account balance or transaction
  • Send a payment to any payee in the U.S.
  • Set up e-bills or automatic scheduled bill payments
  • Export account info into your favorite financial management software (e.g., Quicken)

If you currently don’t bank or pay bills online, now is the time to try. You may wonder why you didn’t start sooner, and you will be amazed at how easy it is.

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Enrolling for Online Banking is easy! When ready, click the link below, complete the online enrollment form, and within 24 hours you will receive an email confirmation with login informtion.

Upon your first login, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your User ID and click ‘Validate’, then enter your Password and click ‘Login’.
  2. Select your image and click ‘Accept Image’. You will then be asked to name your image and answer a few short security questions.
  3. Click ‘Preview’ and confirm that all of your data is correct, then select ‘Finished Login’.

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ENROLL NOW for Online Banking

Mobile Banking

Alliance Mobile Banking brings the convenience of e-Banking to you on the go.

  • Check account balances wherever you are
  • Review pending and recent transactions
  • Transfer money between accounts at Alliance
  • Transfer money to/from your account at another bank
  • Make bill payments

To begin using Alliance Mobile Banking:

  1. Download our App from your mobile device app store.
  2. Enroll for Online Banking (if you’ve not already).
  3. Log into Online Banking, click the “Mobile” link in the Preferences menu, and set up mobile access using the simple step-by-step instructions.


Mobile Deposit (mRDC)

Use your smart phone or tablet to deposit a check into your account. 

Text Banking

Alliance Text Banking offers quick and easy access to basic account information.

  • Text ‘BAL’ to receive account balance in reply
  • Text ‘HIST’ to be sent a list of recent transactions
  • Use Text Banking to transfer funds between accounts

To begin using Alliance Text Banking:

  1. Enroll for Online Banking (if you’ve not already).
  2. Log into Online Banking, click the “Mobile” link in the Preferences menu, then click the Text Banking tab to enable your device.


  • Secure storage and delivery of electronic deposit account statements in PDF format
  • Instant 24/7 download access from Online Banking

To enroll for e-Statements:

  1. Enroll for Online Banking (if you’ve not already)
  2. Log into Online Banking and click "Statements" in the Accounts Menu
  3. Agree to the terms of eDelivery